A few years ago I bought this domain and used it only for mail and since then I wanted to start a blog, but I did not know what to write on it. Now I convinced myself to create it. But I wanted to be fast, I like fast things.

What could I do?

  • Start a wordpress blog just like everybody else? NO! To many shady plugins that I do not understand that they do (php is not something I want to learn)
  • Build a Jekyll blog on Github Pages. Sure! All you need know is some html.

Is it fast?

  • All static pages that are hosted on Github CDN, so yes, it should be.

50% of all web page views are done from mobile pages, what could I do?

  • Google AMP Pages, Google’s answer to instant page loading when searching content online

This took some time, I left the base Jekyll theme and started to modify it to be AMP ready. Basically most html tags are changed with amp-html tags, and after this google caches your amp pages on it’s CDNs and serves the pages from there.

Now all the recommendations are that your site is secure, https:

  • Googled it a little and found Kloudsec, free https for custom domain Github Pages

The result:

  • A secure blog that loads in about 1 sec, the first load.